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Consumption and Understanding Ourselves

Sometimes the very idea of thinking about ourselves is a mess. Self-understanding is a virtue that needs quite an observation to achieve. Especially in a world where we constantly consume things, we barely have time to think about ourselves in a deeper manner. Mostly just short thoughts after our absorption of new ideas. In some sense, we are derived by the ideas we consume, but it is undeniable that we have biases that have developed in the long period of our minds' existence. And it is a mistake in my opinion to consume such a variety of things in a radical and pragmatic way. Man needs to understand the meaning of such when he lets it inside from his sieve to prevent a stuffed mind and heart. That mind and heart are a mess when we try to understand ourselves and express ourselves accordingly. When it is asked, by ourselves or others, who we are, what are our boundaries and what we want and like. Finding the answers to such questions certainly becomes hard, maybe not even exist. B

The Idea For Blockchain Metaverse Block Game

Introduction The idea is to have a game running centralized but having its world on the blockchain. Client implementations for the game can vary, servers can have their rules. But main world environment data should be on the chain, and game clients should have the freedom to interpret this data as they wish. In the end, every client is a separate server so there is no problem with having their rules. Details For the environment, there is the idea of chunks and blocks. The world can be thought of as a cartesian coordinate system, or a flat world. Chunks are spaces in the flat world, having the same size. Blocks are the entities that come with a chunk. A block can be thought of as an empty canvas as some fraction of the size of the chunk that you can place anywhere on the chunk. But the important part is that the block is not bound to the chunk it came with. The same block can be placed on any chunk. The block when first obtained will be empty, like a cryptocurrency all obtained blocks w